27th Year Challenge: Month 5

Okay, I am way behind in getting on my challenge list and year 28 is rounding the corner faster than I’d like to admit.  I’d like to say I have been busy working out, travelling, and doing things around the house, but let’s get real.  I was probably watching Arrested Development on Netflix in anticipation of the new season release and eating ice cream.  In fairness to myself, we were also busy with a lot of outside projects that sucked up what seemed like every weekend (more on those later).  But back to the challenge. 

At some point, we did manage to find some barstools for our kitchen.  I searched and searched.  I wanted something with a back so they would be comfortable to sit on and I thought I wanted something white to stand out against the dark wood and appliances. 

I loved these from West Elm but wasn’t sure how well the wood color would match to the somewhat reddish wood in our kitchen. 


Then I liked these little fellas from Crate and Barrel but wasn’t so hot on the price.  Also, I wanted something with a back. 


I thought I had found exactly what I wanted in these from CB2.  They had the higher back, were white, and had clean lines.  But I didn’t want to pay $300 for 2 chairs.


So I held off.  I searched craigslist and every homegoods store I could think of.  Knowing I didn’t want to spend a bunch on the barstools, I focused almost exclusively on sale sections of websites like the ones I mentioned.  One day I was searching around on Restoration Hardware’s website.  I have never purchased anything from there because frankly, the prices seem crazy and often, the style just isn’t really mine.  But just when I least expected it, I found the perfect stools.  They were on final sale and were exactly what I had been looking for – The Hagen Stained Chair


At $59.00 for the counter-height, I knew these were the ones.  I worried a bit about how the white stain would look but when they came in, they were perfect. They don’t look all grainy like they did in the picture.

Sedona Day 3 199

They add the perfect amount of white to the kitchen which is otherwise pretty dark in terms of tone.  They are incredibly comfortable and the legs are metal which, if you have a dog that likes to randomly chomp into furniture, is a huge plus.  And did I mention $59.00?  Seriously.  I couldn’t find anything I liked at Target for that price.  They came fully assembled which was extra awesome because I had read reviews on some from Target and people complained about assembly and the fact that the chairs were hard to level.  Don’t worry, Target, I still love you and will spend massive amounts of money on your products, but I wanted some sturdy chairs.  These fit the bill.  So I guess that means I have 5 out of 12 items on my challenge list complete.  I will take it!

Sedona Day 3 201 Sedona Day 3 207 Sedona Day 3 208

These chairs were SO worth the wait.  I have recently started following a new philosophy for decorating our house.  I don’t buy anything unless I absolutely love it.  I used to find myself doing things on Pinterest because they looked good, were cheap, and seemed easy enough.  But I almost always later wanted something different.  So I decided that even if it means that many of the rooms in our home remain unfinished, I’m okay with that.  I will wait, and search, and save until I find exactly what I love.  These barstools are perfect and I am so glad I waited until I found them!