27th Year Challenge – Month 4

So I know this is late.  I didn’t even do my November project until December.  Oh well – that’s real life.

We installed this light fixture in our kitchen months ago – like I think 8 or 9 months ago.  And look at that ugly light above the sink.  Seriously.  Who installs that in their kitchen?  I think it belongs outdoors as a security light.  Anyway, as you can see below, we replaced that guy too.

Spring 2012 453

And as you can see, the lights don’t hang evenly.  The cords were way to long when we hung it so we had to cut the wires and shorten them.  Despite my best efforts, I could not get the lights to hang at the same length.  Chase and I tried to even them out 4 times, each time only to step down off the kitchen island to find one hanging longer or shorter than the others.  So we decided since we had some time off, we’d tackle it one more time before calling a professional.

After cursing at the light and me yelling at Chase for no good reason (except why can’t guys read our minds, ladies?  Seriously.), we actually got it right!  This was an iPhone pic but pretty clearly shows we finally accomplished the most dreaded task on our to-do list. Literally, it was the most dreaded.  And you can see we replaced the light above the sink.photo

After leveling the lights, I painted the ceiling around the fixture.  The old one was much larger and the previous ceiling color was some sort of weird cream so we needed to do some touch-ups.

Spring 2012 396


Pretty boring but we are so thrilled to have this item crossed off the list!  Slowly but surely, we will get through this list!  Now if only I had completed my December project…


I love lamp!

Our house is fairly new so one might think we have good lighting.  That person would be wrong.  I can’t tell you what I would do for some recessed lighting!  We have a large living room and the only light in the room is a ceiling fan.  Thus, I was in need of some lamps.  We had these little guys from IKEA from our days in the apartment.

They were really inexpensive but didn’t give enough light and were certainly too small for the size of the room.

So I have been on the lookout for some new lights, and two weekends ago, on a trip to Target, I found what I had been looking for.  I found these clear lamps that can be filled with items during the different seasons.

And then I found these shades.

I love me some quatrefoil and I knew the yellow would look fabulous against our gray walls.  So I picked them up, took them home, and turned them on.  Let me say, I think they turned me on!  I LOVE them.  And every time I say that, Chase says, “I love lamp.”  (Name that movie!)

And what do these lamps really show me?  Well, we definitely need to get some curtains in that room (like a year ago), and we need some more fun patterns and colors.  I guess I need to start shopping for rugs and pillows.  Darn!

Oh, and check out these amber lamps by mom bought for her living room.  They are more clear than they look here and they aren’t cloudy at all.  She has a gorgeous shade of blue on her walls and these will look so great!  I almost wanted them for myself!

So how about you?  Bought any lamps lately?  Anyone else wonder why it isn’t illegal for builders to build homes without proper lighting?  Someone should do something about that!