Duck. Duck. Bowl.

Over the holidays my brother and sister-in-law came in town for an extended visit and we were lucky enough to have them stay with us for a couple of days.  We decided to go out for dinner last Friday, and headed over to Santorini’s in Fountain Square.  Wow.Do.I.Need.To.Get.Out.More!  That place was delicious!  The portions were enormous but  My brother ordered the Gyro and Chase ordered the Chicken Gyro.  Both really enjoyed them.  Kym and I shared the Briam which was so delicious and had a little spicy sauce that was yum.  I love places where you can share an entrée because a whole one for one person is almost always way too much.  Kym and I were stuffed and there was still food left.  The environment is fun with flaming cheese dishes and greek dancers.  We will definitely be going back.

After dinner we wanted to burn some calories do something fun so we walked over to Action Duckpin Bowling.  I had heard of this place but never been before.  It was so awesome!  It was built in the late 20s and still has all of the period pieces that make it so special. 




So what is Duckpin Bowling you ask?  Well it is much like regular bowling except the pins are shorter and fatter and the balls are the size of bloated softballs.  There are no finger holes – you just roll those babies down the old wood lanes and hope for the best.  You get three rolls, instead of two, because with such a small ball and still 10 pins, it is hard to knock those little pins down. 



This game was such a blast!  The pins are held up by strings so when you knock some down, the strings pull them up out-of-the-way and you are good to go.  There are no electronically reset pins or screen to tell you how many you hit, so take someone tall to help you count how many pins are standing.  The game is great though because it moves so much faster than regular bowling.  The balls come back on the return right away and are all the same size so you don’t have to wait for your particular ball to come back.  The strings also eliminate the need for the thing in regular bowling that acts like a windshield wiper and clears all the downed pins before resetting more.



I know that there are newer versions of duckpin bowling around but I have to say that the fun of this place was the history.  It felt like you were in a totally different time.  If you are in Indianapolis, swing by and check this place out.  You will not be sorry!


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