Now you see me – Now you don’t.

We have this window in our bedroom shaped like an octogon.  Why that shape?  I don’t know.  It lets in the morning light and is impossible to cover in any sort of decent way with a curtain or blinds.  The previous owners cut out a piece of styrofoam to fit in it and cover the whole window.  They took it with them when they moved.  Maybe they had a window in the exact same shape at their new house.  Either way, we needed to do something about it.

When walking in the bedroom and looking out the window, you only saw the roof above our garage.  From the other direction, you would have to stand against the wall where our bed is to see out and then you see empty lots and a pond.  Either way, we were self-conscious that people could see in at night.  We wanted to create a bit more privacy while still being able to see outside and let light in (the lighting is terrible because there is only one light in the middle of a giant room).

When I found this post on 7th House on the Left, I knew it was perfect.  I ran it by Chase who approved and off I set to tackle this one evening.  It was so simple.  I printed out a template on 7th House’s blog and then traced a bunch of them out on contact paper.  Once I had enough, I started applying them to the window.  I started in the middle and just slowly pulled the paper back and pushed the contact paper down.  I wasn’t crazy precise about it.  I just eyed it and it turned out pretty great!

When I got to the edges, I followed the same process but then used a razor to cut the edges.

We LOVE it.  Chase said he wants it on all the windows.  The pattern is great and allows us to still see out but mostly blocks any ability to see inside.  And the best part: it isn’t permanent.  I can just take it off if we ever decide we don’t like it.  For now, we love it!  Check out 7th House’s blog for full instructions and for lots of other great inspiration!


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