It’s Hammer Time!

Ah yes!  We are making progress on the porch and are so exhausted!  I thought we could all use an 80s-90s flashback to M.C. Hammer because we got crazy with a sledgehammer this week!  Chase tore out half and then I, yes I, sledged out the other half!

So before starting this step of the project, my dad was sure to warn us to cover our patio doors with cardboard in order to prevent any stray concrete chunks from crashing through the doors.  So we used some cardboard we had stored failed to throw away and taped it to the house using Frog Tape.  We didn’t want to use duck tape (although we all love duck tape) because in the heat, duck tape can get sticky and that sticky can transfer onto the side of the house.  No thank you.

So after protecting the doors, Chase got to work with a giant sledgehammer my dad loaned us.  It is affectionately called the Bubba sledge by my dad and brother.  I think it started its life by belonging to my brother…who is 6’4″ and weighs probably at least 50 pounds more than Chase … who is 5’10”.  My husband and I may not be as big as my brother but we managed just fine with that sledge.

Chase started with the corner Maggie had already dug under. (Sorry for the less than great photos.  These were taken with Chase’s phone which is five or so years old.)

And then he just kept making his way along.

I don’t have pictures of it all sledged out, but I will share the progress pictures of what we have done since this.

Great right?  Okay, maybe it isn’t pretty to you, but it looks great to me!  I think I like the house better without a patio at all than I do with the one we had.  I will keep you updated as we progress through the project so stay tuned!


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