Do you approve?

As I posted back here, we recently submitted plans for a new patio.  And it had been several weeks and we had received no response (the HOA covenants, etc. state that we should get a response in 30 days).  There is some tension in the neighborhood between the homeowners and the developers/builders who control the HOA so we weren’t really sure if we would get a response at all (some of our neighbors haven’t gotten responses after a year even).

But the other day, we got an email that had one, and only one, word: “Approved.”  YAY!  We are so excited!  We can’t wait to tear that eye-sore out of the ground! 

So next weekend, we will probably be forming up the patio, with the expert help of my dad.  That means this weekend and next week, we have to tear out the existing patio (without sending concrete chips flying into the glass patio doors), till up the grass where we want the porch, and get rid of concrete.  Lots to do, but oh so excited, and I just wanted to share!  I guess this means we are well on our way to completing another task on my 27th Year Challenge!

Happy Thursday!

And if you know of anyone looking for some fill concrete in the Indy area, let me know!


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