What’s for dinner?

Okay, okay.  I know this is like the millionth (actually the fifth…) post about baby shower projects but this one is totally usable for any party.  Or even for dinner if you actually have enough time to cook and make a menu… 🙂

Before the shower I crafted up this chalkboard menu.

The chalkboard itself was a DIY (with the help of my papa) from our wedding. 

Except we didn’t need a full length chalkboard in our house, so my dad cut it down and we hung it in our laundry room.  I guess the idea is we could write each other notes on it before leaving.  But we never do.  Oops.

Anyway, the chalkboard was made with a sheet of plywood, sanded down so it was smooth.  We covered it with chalkboard paint and then my dad cut trim to frame it from left over walnut we had from another project we did together when I was in college (I can’t tell you how many times that leftover walnut makes an appearance in special parts of my life.  I love my daddy and doing projects with him!).

I decided that a menu would help fill the dead space in the restaurant as well as let people know what they were about to dig into.  Knowing I had terrible handwriting, I thought this project would be a disaster, until I found this Pinterest post about making a chalkboard menu.

Granted, mine didn’t turn out as great as hers (although I copied it fairly closely – call it lack of creativity), and next time I will definitely get more bold and creative and try to fill all the dead space on the board, but I thought it turned out pretty great considering!

The general tips I found in that Pinterest post were the following:

  • Write on a wet chalkboard
  • Use wet chalk
  • Change up the type/fonts you are using
  • Use different colors
  • Add a border and other little graphics, if you will

I loved this menu!  I don’t know why.  It’s now hanging in our laundry room.  And it hasn’t been erased.  I guess I should take it down and make it into something new, but that takes time.  Nevertheless, this was a super-fun project.  Probably the one I was most proud of.  I got to relive my childhood love for drawing with chalk, and I managed to make everything legible for the shower guests!  I would call that a win!

So how long do you think it takes those coffee places to get their chalkboard menus all fancy and right?  I guess they don’t have to change the menu too much!


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