27th Year Challenge – Month No. 2

I know, can you believe it?  We have managed to actually complete month number 2 of this challenge before the month was practically over!

A week or so ago, Chase submitted plans to our HOA to tear out our existing patio and pour a new one.  The existing patio is ugly, too small, and is currently being removed slowly by Miss Maggie.

She loves to dig the rocks out from under it.  And we still love her…  (I have to keep telling myself that sometimes!).

So what’s the plan?  Well here’s my husband’s drawing of where the new patio will be.

It will be so much bigger than what we have now.  We plan to put a larger dinning set outside our patio doors and then some seating farther to the left.  Eventually, Chase wants to put a fire pit with circular seating in that part that protrudes on the left.

We are not using colored concrete – just gray (which I love) – and then we will put a Charcoal colored release over the top so the concrete will look dark gray/black.  I cannot wait!  We thought about pavers but didn’t want all the upkeep and all the sand that Maggie would drag in.  We also considered wood or Trex decking but didn’t want splinters or discoloration over time with all the sun that hits that area.  So concrete it was (plus, my dad does a lot of concrete work and I wanted to make the project he is helping us with for free as easy as it could be!). Concrete is also a really affordable (read: cheap).  We like affordable!

Ultimately, the plan is to put a pergola over everything but the fire pit area.  And I want a swing hanging on that pergola so badly.  I don’t know what it is.  I blame my momma for rocking me too much as a babe, but I love me some rockin’.  The pergola will of course finally give us some shade in our very sunny backyard.

So now we wait for approval.  We don’t need a permit, and Chase already has my dad’s sledge-hammer, so once we get the green light, pieces of concrete will be flying!  We are really excited about it though.  To have concrete from pretty much one end of the house to the other rather than our 8×10 slab will be wonderful!  Hopefully Maggie won’t dig this patio up too, but that will likely require some training.  Until next month!


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