Flower Power

Warning: this is another baby shower post. If you’re tired of them, feel free to discontinue reading.

After making the bunting for the shower, I had a good amount of extra fabric.  I decided to make some “flower” like bundles with the scraps.

First, I found a small lid to use as a template.  Then I used a pencil to lightly trace as many circles as I could on the back of the fabric scraps.  Once the fabric was filled, I got busy cutting circles.  Unfortunately, the pizza-cutter-like fabric tool didn’t make the cutting on this one go any faster.

Once I had the circles cut, I threaded a needle with a coordinating thread.  Then I took each circle, folded it in half and then in half again so it looked like a pizza slice.  Then I ran the needle through the point of each “slice.”

As I added more circles, I pushed them together tightly on the thread.  After about 10 or so circles were on the thread, I cut it and tied it in a knot, with the circles pulled together as tightly as possible.  Then just pull around on the circles until you like the look.

From the scraps, I was probably able to get 10-15 of these flowers.  At the shower, we just spread them around on the tables.  They helped bring the patterns from the bunting to the tables, and were just kind of fun and whimsical (that’s kind of my new favorite look right now).

These would be adorable sewn together and hung as a mobile above a crib or changing table in a nursery if you wanted to use them after the shower.  Again, they were easy to make, and there is  no need to be precise with cutting or how many are sewn together.  Just do whatever works and looks cute!


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