Sweet Sayings

On my theme of posts from the baby shower, I continue with how I made a couple canvases with some pretty sweet sayings.

A couple of months ago, I picked up a ten pack of 8×10 canvases from Michael’s to do a project with my niece, Chloe, who turned out to be a pretty amazing painter!  Anyway, I had two leftover, so I grabbed them for this project.

I searched around on the internet for some sayings related to babies and found a scripture verse and a random saying that Chase and I thought were sweet and appropriate.  Then I went to a craft store (I don’t remember which) and picked up some stickers.  After deciding on purple and yellow (to complement the bunting I made), I painted one canvas yellow and one purple.

After the paint was dry, I put the stickers on to make the saying.  I didn’t worry much about spacing or everything being perfectly straight; I just wanted the sayings to fit.  Because I had a limited number of each letter, I had to do the canvases one at a time.  I put the letters on the canvas, and once I was satisfied, I started painting around the letters with the color not already on the canvas (so I painted purple on the yellow canvas, etc) until the entire canvases was thoroughly covered.  I say that I had to paint around the letters because I got stickers that weren’t flat.  Had they been flat, I would have just painted over them.  However, I liked the thick stickers because once I pulled the stickers up, there was this sort of built up paint around the letter that looked neat.

After the paint was dry, I peeled up the letters to reveal the color underneath.  Some of the paint went under the stickers so I used a fine craft brush to touch up the letters below.

Ultimately, I just placed these canvases on the tables at the shower.  I suppose if the venue had allowed, I could have used some 3M strips to stick them on the wall but I think they were cute on the tables.

Again, these could later be used in a nursery (my sister-in-law already decorated her nursery so I don’t think these would go well) to hang on the walls or sit on a changing table.  I love the idea of making decorations for the shower that can be reused in a nursery or for some other purpose.  This project was pretty darn inexpensive, but reusing the decorations as gifts, etc, makes it even more economical.  This could be done for a wedding, or is a simple project for some art around the house, so give it a try.  I find the painting pretty therapeutic regardless! 🙂


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