A Bunting We Will Go!

I shared back here my sister-in-law’s baby shower we held a few weeks ago.  Today I wanted to share how I made the bunting that was hanging around the room and on a few of tables.  It was incredibly easy – honestly.

First, I went to Hobby Lobby for some fabric.  I bought 5 different fabrics so I would have some variety, and because that’s how many I liked.  I bought two yards of the three patterned fabrics and one yard of the solids.  I think I paid about $14.00 for the fabric.

Then I took a piece of paper and cut out a triangle template.  Once I was pleased with the triangle, I folded the fabric over and laid the template on it.  I lined up a yard stick on the edge of the triangle and then used a rolling fabric cutter to cut along the edges (like this one).  This little tool was a lifesaver (it was sort of like a pizza cutter) because I didn’t have to individually cut each triangle with a scissors.  While rolling the cutter there was a mat underneath the fabric so I wouldn’t cut into the table (sort of like this one).  My mom had both of these tools.

Once cut, I arranged the triangles in random patters that I liked.  Then I bought some rick rack to sew the triangles onto.  With the use of my mom’s sewing machine (which she threaded, etc because it has been too may years since HomeEc), I slowly fed the triangles, with the rick rack on the top edge, through the machine.  In the end, I had five strands of bunting, all of different lengths.

I loved these!  They were so easy and so adorable.  If I had a little girl, I would hang these in her nursery/room.  They were colorful, whimsical, and fun — all things appropriate for a sweet little girl!  Truly, these were easy to make.  And they could easily be made with fabric scraps from the store or leftovers from other projects even cheaper.  The flags could be a different shape, etc.  The possibilities are endless, but I think bunting is perfect for parties and an easy way to decorate a room!


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