A couple weeks ago, we had four of our nieces and nephews for the weekend, and we had such a blast!  They are 4, 5, 6, and 7 years old so you can imagine we had to start with some ground rules (the girls LOVED locking bedroom doors for some reason…).  Friday night we started out with a little Simon Says action with neighbor kids.  We had some cheating, some confusion, some playing by the rules, and some just acting silly!

But Saturday, we decided in our infinite wisdom, to take the children to the Indiana State Fair.  We bought advanced tickets to lower the cost and the girls both got in free.  Here was Mr. Max in typical fashion on the way there.

We started out by looking at the animals in the barns.  Why did this turn out to be a bad idea?  Well, we spent the part of the day that was sort of cool inside while the rides were only one coupon each until 1:00 pm, and Collin was having one heck of time with all the animal dander.  Nevertheless, I think the kids really enjoyed it.

They got to pet calves….

And llamas…or alpachas?

We saw enormous pigs.  I didn’t take pictures.  You’re welcome.

After some animal time, we needed to get lunch.  This is where the meltdowns started.  Mostly Mya was angry – because she had water on her shirt, because she didn’t want any french fries, because her napkin blew away – frankly because she could be.  But once we got to the rides, life got better.

The kids got to ride for a little while longer with the one ticket coupon until 1:00 pm deal.  They loved that.  They all insisted on some roller-coaster like ride that the girls could only ride as long as an adult was present.  It wasn’t really fast but it was kind of jerky.  The girls both freaked out.  What do you do when you are stuck on a ride and can’t just get out or get someone’s attention to stop it?!  All I could do was hold them both in while Chloe started to almost cry and Mya hyperventilated as though she was having a panic attack.  After we exited the ride, you would have gotten a totally different picture as Mya yelled to the boys that “it was totally awesome” and Chloe agreed!

We ended the hot day with some smoothies and some time in an air conditioned building where the art and related exhibits are.  All the kids loved these awesome lego builds of famous Indy landmarks.  They each had a list of things to try and find in the build – like Little Red Riding Hood or 5 Star Wars characters.  So fun for kids!

On the way home, we had some sleepers so we just watched a couple movies that night and went to bed early.  Despite a good night’s sleep, Chase and I were pooped.  Aside from the exhaustion of doing things we don’t normally do, we loved having the kids with us.  We don’t get to see them nearly enough and they are so much fun.  Our sisters-in-law have done a pretty fabulous job raising some pretty sweet kiddos.


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