27th Year Challenge

Today I turned 27.  I have no idea how that happened.  I’m wrinkling, turning gray in the hair, and getting plump around the edges.  I blame being a lawyer for all those things.  And I can’t do anything to change them, as sad as that may be (well except I guess I could work out more….), so I have decided to challenge myself to do some things around our hous — things I can control.  I figure I will try to do one thing each month, no matter how big or small, that I have been meaning to do for a long time.  The hope is when I turn 28, twelve projects from now, I won’t be fatter, grayer, or more wrinkly, and that I will have a prettier house!  So here’s my list (no comments on how pathetic I am to have to blog about this to hold myself accountable or how easy some of these tasks are that should have been accomplished months ago):

  • Print some family pictures from Mexico and modge podge them onto canvas or wood or something!
  • Buy barstools for our kitchen.
  • Level the light in the kitchen (which you haven’t seen yet) and paint the ceiling where the old light was.
  • Submit plans for a new patio.
  • Pour new patio.
  • Buy and hang curtains over our back doors (please send me suggestions…I can’t make up my mind!).
  • Pick out fabric and upholster chairs from my grandmother (also need suggestions).
  • Build a console table for our entryway.
  • Make or hang some art in our office.
  • Find a new light fixture for the eat-in-kitchen.
  • Upholster a headboard for the master bedroom.
  • Make/Buy and hang curtains in the master bedroom.

So there they are.  If you don’t hear from me once a month with a progress report, please harrass me.  I know I may fail at these, but seriously, life as a lawyer has a way of getting away from you.  I will let you know how this goes.

How about you?  Any challenges or to-do lists you are working on?  Can I hire people to do these for me (or maybe just volunteer my mom or dad)?


8 thoughts on “27th Year Challenge

  1. I see your life as being a happy married woman, very content with making her house into a lovely home. You could never be anything but beautiful even with wrinkles, a few gray hairs and a little plump around the middle. Your beauty comes from within you. Good God I sound like a Hallmark card.

  2. You are neither gray nor wrinkly nor fat. But! A great idea for family vacay pictures is to choose one or two of your favorites and get them printed on canvas and arrange them on the walls! Also, barstools from Target and overstock are amazing and inexpensive! Yay budget shopping! Love you!

    • Thanks, Em! I have checked out overstock and not much strikes my fancy. Target has some I like but the reviews make me skeptical!

      I want to DIY my canvases – it is so much cheaper. I have seen people even do them on plywood and paint the sides of the wood and you’d never know it wasn’t canvas. If only I could pick out the pictures and just get them printed. Maybe I will just print pictures of you! 🙂

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