My Puppy’s Potty Challenge

I really must share this.  It is gross, I know.  But, you have been warned.  Feel free to stop reading now.

This morning I took Maggie out to do her biznass….you know poop.  Well she was successful, sort of.  Poo came out, but just wouldn’t quite let go.  That’s right; her poo stayed good n’ attached to her rump.  And it was HILARIOUS! 

Maggie quickly realized the dilemma because the poo was pretty significant and as she ran off thinking she had been a huge success, the poo would hit her on the legs.  At this point I was crying laughing and trying not to wake any neighbors (no one wants to see what I look like when I take the dog out in the morning).  I desperately needed to figure out how to fix the problem because Maggie was trying to reach around and bite the poo free.  I decided to break a little stick off our neighbor’s pine trees and then use it to knock off the poo.  But those trees must be healthy and must have sucked up all the water we got this summer because the branches were not budging.  So I found a giant wad of dried up grass that was stuck together and then started chasing Maggie to help her.  She of course didn’t understand and just kept frantically trying to scoot her butt on the ground to get it off.  Ultimately, she let me help and we freed her poo.

The rest of the morning she looked so ashamed and embarrassed.  I don’t know if she was mad that I helped her or that it happened altogether.  Let’s just say I hope this doesn’t happen again….or that Chase takes her out from now on.

Happy Monday!


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