Taking back my identity…or at least my money!

As you all know, I have had more married-name-change drama than a 14-year-old girl who found out her crush isn’t crushing back!  Most recently, I had the Department of State tell me that I couldn’t get a name-change passport.  Unable to resolve the situation and with a Mexico vacation less than 3 weeks away, I was beaten and whipped left with no choice but to pay an expedited fee and buy a new passport.  Remember, people, that I wasn’t supposed to have to pay anything at all because I applied for a new passport within a year of changing my name and getting married, so this payment of almost $200 really got under my skin.

So I’m sitting at my desk two days before I am leaving for Mexico and the phone rings from an unknown number.  My policy is to never answer the phone if I don’t know who is calling because it is always a day-ruiner!  Except one should never say ‘never’ because something good came this time.  I answered and it was a lady named Lisa calling to discuss my passport application.  What now, I thought to myself (and admittedly maybe said out loud)!

Lisa proceeds to give me some hard to follow story about how the law recently changed and in fact I was right that I should have qualified for a name-change passport.  Now, I don’t buy the law change bit, but I was so glad to hear this news!  So she tells me to resubmit my application, and it will be properly processed.

Okay, Lisa.  I don’t know what you are looking at but I already got my passport after the previous few weeks’ mess, so what now?  I ask if I can get a refund.  She tells me that I should write a letter, explain the circumstances, tell them Lisa called me, and then ASK if I COULD get my money back.  Oh heck no!  Why is there not some guarantee that I will get my $200.00 back when it wasn’t my fault the government didn’t get it right in the first place?  Even more, could I get back all the time I spent trying to resolve the situation?

Anyway, I haven’t sent the letter yet but I will.  And when I do, I can’t promise you that I will “ask if I could” get my money back.  But it will be something similar! 😉


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