Happy 4th of July!

We are celebrating this year’s 4th of July by staying inside in the cool!  But if you know my husband, he loves America, like in a Stephen Colbert over-the-top kind of way.  He frequently walks around saying, “America.  America!” in response to random statements and he loves him some bald eagles.  That said, we had to make this house look a little more patriotic so we bought us a flag!  And Chase really wanted one with an eagle on top but didn’t want it to look cheap (which most did) and didn’t want to pay a bunch for the nice ones.

So we picked one out sort of like this at Home Depot and after a few screws, we had this American beauty waving in the wind.

No comments on my landscaping!  We are working on it (all the mulch needs to be pulled out, dirt put down, and new mulch laid…it all takes time and dollars, people!)

And of course, we had to honor the flag appropriately so we picked up this little solar-powered spotlight at Home Depot as well for $20.00.  It was the cheapest one there and it works great!

 And that is our tribute to America!  I tried hanging some flag bunting under the upstairs’ windows but the crazy wind storm we had the other day killed that idea.  Maybe next year?  (Feel free to send thoughts on how to secure that stuff to my brick…

To all those who serve or have served our country, thank you!  While our country is far from perfect, the freedoms we experience daily, and the people who fight for those freedoms, do not go unnoticed.  Have a happy 4th!

P.S. I had a sweet helper during the project.  See her in the window to the left of the door?

Love that little face!


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