How Does Our Garden Grow – Revisited

It has been months since we put in our garden, and you can read all about that here.  When we left you the last time, the garden looked something like this:

Lots of seeds that hadn’t sprung, peppers that hadn’t peppered, you get the idea.  Well today my friends, the garden looks a little bit different!

Yup.  Brought to you courtesy of dirt, sun, and water.  Our tomato plants are seriously like trees and have overtaken the peas (sorry, peas.  we will plant you farther away next year).  We got the tomato plants from my dad who said we wouldn’t need tomato cages.  He was right but we definitely had to stake these babies or we would have some downed tomato ‘trees’.  They are still pretty heavy but mostly manageable.

Our peppers are off the hook…or the plant….  Ok, I’ll stop.  Anyway, they are huge!  One of Chase’s sisters shared a bit of wisdom and experience when she told us to move our jalapeno peppers away from the bell.  Evidently, planting them next to each other creates a “mutant fruit.”  So we moved them.  Nevertheless, we have this bell pepper that is not so bell-shaped and that is bigger than my hand.

The only time I see produce that size is when it is in the non-organic section and you know it has been genetically modified.

And the beans!  I LOVE green beans and our plants are doing perfectly.  In fact, I recently told my dad we had no beans.  He asked if we had flowers on the plant yet and I said lots.  He replied that we had beans, we just needed to look harder.  Sure enough, I stepped out of the garden with two handfuls of beans.

And in other garden news:

  • I don’t know what is up with the broccoli.  It has leaves but no actual food.  Maybe it takes a long time…maybe not.  Anyone know?
  • The banana peppers grow crazy fast.  Now I need a way to make them taste like the ones at Subway.  Please send recipes my way ASAP because I LOVE those things!
  • We relocated some of the peas that were being smothered by the giant tomatoes.  Not sure those poor little guys will make it.
  • Carrots.Take.Forever.  They are alive but seriously, is there any food you have to wait longer for?
  • We thought our cucumber plant was about toast but then it decided to grow awesome cucumbers in oh, about five days!  So we kept it and are so pleased we did.

Anyway, just wanted to show you the craziness taking over the side of our house.  I’m pretty sure our neighbors have decided to not put out a garden since they know we will have  more produce than we can handle.  Little do they know, I can put away food like a Nathan’s Hotdog Eating Champion.  That and we bought this metal skewer set so we could grill the veggies super-easily.  I love easy cooking and easy cleaning.  We got this set at Meier for about $20.00 and it has been worth every penny…and I’ve only had it two weeks!

So how’s your garden growing?  Any tips or advice for our less impressive plants?  And can I just say again, this garden really grows itself and is super-easy?  God knows exactly what those little plants need!  But don’t tell Chase – he has some ridiculous organic fertilizer he sprays all over the place which he professes makes everything grow better (I don’t buy it and blame him for burning some of my flowers he sprayed it on).  At least he cares!


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