Viva la Mexico!

It’s been some time since our last post, but I will blame some of that delay on a wonderful vacation we recently took with Chase’s family to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.  It was grand!  So grand in fact, that I didn’t take any pictures because I spent most of the vacation reading the Hunger Games Trilogy in the pool of our villa.  We stayed at a resort called Pueblo Bonito where my in-laws have a time share.  Each house is beautiful, with an infinity pool in the back looking out to the ocean.  The water was perfectly warm, mostly from the sun, but no doubt from some pee…from the kids…mostly….. 🙂

Our trip started out great in terms of flights, but then came the fabulous experience of renting a car.  Unless you plan to do significant driving, don’t get a car.  First of all, whatever price you get on a travel website for the rental will not be accurate.  Evidently, there is some new law in Mexico that requires you to get extra insurance.  We of course planned on paying for insurance but never dreamed they would up the cost as much as they did.  For example, they wanted us to pay almost $500 for full coverage.  Obviously, they haven’t met me and my husband.  One of us will not be walked on and the other will not pay a dime more than he has to.  We settled for minimum coverage and drove carefully!  Upon meeting up with the rest of the family, we all vented our frustrations and anger, as we each had the same experience!

After fun adventures in map reading and trying to figure out Mexican speed limits, we arrived at the villa and didn’t drive the car again until we left!  From there, we spent most of the time in the pool or going to a different pool at the main resort.  We had delicious fish tacos on the beach, took a sunset dinner cruise, walked around the market (where we were frequently offered muchas drugas – a lot of drugs), and ate a lot.

One evening in particular deserves mentioning as we all went on a pirate ship dinner cruise.  Understand that in our family, there are 5, ages 7 and under.  They love this stuff.  And to be honest, so did we, although admittedly for slightly different reasons.  Let me just say that my father-in-law was invited to participate in a sexy dance contest with three other gentlemen and he won!  I had tears streaming down my face and don’t remember the last time I laughed that hard!

Somewhere towards the middle of the week, we signed up to have family pictures taken by a wonderful photographer from the resort.  While we may be a bit hard to wrangle, we managed to get some really great family photos – the only photos I have from the trip.  Here’s a sampling of our family (minus one brother-in-law who couldn’t make it and was greatly missed!):

We also had some pictures taken of just Chase and me.  From the first picture, I knew I was in for a typical Chase experience.  He wouldn’t stop talking and making jokes.  Surprisingly, some of the pictures turned out pretty well, that is until the photographer decided he wanted to take a funny picture.  Chase decided that meant he should pick me up and run around the beach making ridiculous faces and squatting.  The progression of photos is obvious.

And that’s the man I married, ladies and gentlemen!  He may be a jokester, but he is totally handsome…even when he is driving me a little nuts! 🙂


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