Hot Dog

So Indiana, and probably the Midwest, has been experience some record setting temps lately.  This weekend was no exception (as is evidenced by my ridiculous sunburn…).  Saturday and Sunday’s highs were both in the mid-80s and my dad said he called two different places and heard the temp at home was 95!  Wowsers.

Well Miss Maggie decided she needed to be outside.  Seriously.  She.Needed.It.  Chase and I did more landscaping/transplanting work and took her out with us.  She loved watching the neighbors, dogs, birds, etc.  Only problem – she was getting really hot and worn down.  And yes, we did give her water.  When we took her inside, she would run between all the doors of the house and whine and jump on the door.  Not only is it irritating, but the garage door is a lever type handle that when she jumps and comes down, if her paws land right, she pulls the lever down and opens the door.  Out she goes (and Chase recently had a runaway dog experience at 10:30 pm.  We don’t want any repeats!).  The only thing that made her happy was to go back outside.

Our dog trainer once told us that she would be more sensitive to the sun since she is yellow and may get burnt.  What?  I love my dog and all but I shouldn’t have to worry about sunscreen or sunburns.  So how do I at least keep the dog cool when we have no shade (and we are working on remedying the no shade issue)?

I sent Chase to target for a swimming pool.  We had a hot dog and she needed some relief.  It wasn’t a big pool but she wouldn’t lay in it.  Instead, she kept digging, for no reason, and splashing all the water out until we would refill it and she would repeat.  She also spent time trying to figure out where the water came from when it would spill over the sides.  No matter what, she was constantly eating/biting/drinking the water.  She would snap at it as if she was trying to catch it or stop a leak. 

Here’s a video of Maggie digging.  You will notice she eats at the water (it looks like drinking but I think she was just trying to eat the grass clippings that got in the water) and keeps pulling her leash out.  She was so mad because we had her tied up and her leash/rope thing would get in the way of her crazy digging so she would bite it and pull it out, then get back in – all while not evidently realizing the thing was attached to her.  She is certainly special!

How are you all dealing with this heat?  How can I keep the dog in the water and the water in the pool?  Am I the only person who still gets burnt while wearing SPF 70?  Speaking of suncreen, it reminds me of my honeymoon (the last time I saw sun and therefore wore it) and our 1st anniversary is this weekend! 🙂


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