Where have we been?

It has been months, yes months, since our last post.  I can’t speak for Chase but I am very sorry.  I know our blog isn’t read by many, but as a person who loves to read a blog, I hate when bloggers stop posting.  That said, let’s move on.

What have the Hallers been doing lately?  Well let’s run through a list:

  • Chase started working and we started adapting to having two people working and no one at home (other than Maggie who is penned up all day).
  • We celebrated Chase’s birthday by going to the Garden & Patio show at the fair grounds.  He picked that event by the way!  (I was gone in Louisville on his birthday so that particular day was not much to write about, although….Maggie chewed the carpet off a stair that day….)
  • We celebrated Easter with our families at home.  I made some adorable chick cakepops and will hopefully share details later.
  • We have been working like crazy!  My life is ruled by the billable hour and let’s just say, I have been puttin’ in many extras of those (and thankful for it!).
  • We tried to revive our yard that had divets and lots of bare spots.  We had five or so yards of dirt delivered one weekend and because the ground was so wet, we had to wheelbarrow the whole pile to the backyard by hand.  Not.Fun. 
  • We started gardening and have added some new plants to the landscaping and dug out a tree and moved it to our backyard where I am oh-so-happy to say it is still alive!
  • Our happy and adorable godchild, Cooper was baptized and baby babbled the whole way through the service.
  • I went to visit my BFF in St. Louis who also has a very sparkly blog and had a few things to say about our weekend!
  • We found out one of Chase’s sisters is expecting!  I think there is some sort of challenge to see just how large his family can get.
  • We hunted down a new lawnmower because Chase’s mower with no motor finally wore him out.  Can I get a I-told-ya-so?  haha!  I think I said that at least 20 times now.
  • We have been looking at fencing options and planning a new patio in the backyard.  Lord, help us with that project!

Basically, we are tired folks!  So that’s where we’ve been.  And where are we going?  Well, lots of places!  Here’s another run-down, much of which might not make sense to non-lawyers but I add it anyway to keep me sane and have another to-do list in case I lose my fourteen others at work!

  • Chase has like 4 hearings/trials coming up!  Yikes!
  • I have a preliminary injunction hearing this week, another hearing next week, and a summary judgment motion due in less than two weeks.  This is on top of lots of other projects not worth discussing.
  • We are leaving for Mexico in June with Chase’s entire family.
  • We are installing a tile mosaic backsplash this weekend with the help of mi padre.
  • Also with the help of my dad, we are putting in a raised bed garden in the backyard.  Why not?
  • We are traveling to Chicago to celebrate our one year anniversary! Love this!
  • Chase is hosting a bachelor party for his best man.
  • We are attending said best man’s wedding.
  • We need to get home to celebrate Mother’s Day because we do love our mommas!  Seriously, we have the greatest mothers in the world.  Cannot.Complain.One.Bit!
  • We are in the search for some new light fixtures, bar stools, and a rug, to complete our kitchen update.

So stay tuned!  I promise to try to do better and keep you all updated on our adventures/mistakes/fits of hilarity.  Now that the weather is nice out, we are finally getting outside and doing things you all may actually care to hear about.  Then again, maybe not.  We are just two lawyers after all.

What have you all been up to?  Any great landscaping tips/ideas?  Has anyone else besides me and my BFF also been occupying ridiculously large amounts of time watching Gossip Girl?  I’m not ashamed to admit it.


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