What’s Goin’ On Around Town?

So in case you missed it (or don’t live in Indianapolis), there’s a little thing coming up this weekend called the Super Bowl!  And it’s in Indianapolis! Home of number 46!

These are the giant roman numerals around monument circle.  These babies are bigger than they look from the 28th floor of the building in the background on the right (that’s where I work, obviously); and I would know as I actually got something stuck on the top of the platform on which the numbers sit today.  Don’t ask.  Suffice it to say a dad had to come by with his small child, lift the kid up, and get the item off the stand.  Security came.  It was hilarious!  Anyway… 

Traffic is crazy.  Streets are closed.  Media Day made getting to work a royal pain in the you know what.  Cops are everywhere.  Strangers are crowding out my lunch spots.  It is not fun.  But….

You have to love this atmosphere!  Seriously, I didn’t think I could get this excited for an event that the Colts aren’t even playing in this year.  But the city is buzzing!  Article after article is talking about how great Indianapolis is, how friendly the people are, etc.  And I couldn’t agree more. 🙂  Not to mention, the weather this week has been A-Mazing!  So here are a few pictures from Super Bowl Village and the zip line downtown.  Sorry for the bad quality – the hubs and I forgot the camera over lunch the other day when he came downtown and spent an HOUR looking for a parking spot.

And let us not forget how the greatest city in the entire state of Indiana fits into all this.  I’m talking about my hometown of Jasper!  Yes, a well known restaurant in the state called the Schnitzelbank (yes, we are all German in Jasper) makes a little ole sandwhich, the Bratwurst, that just came in at the number one spot for the best sandwhich in the state.  We spotted the catering truck downtown but couldn’t figure out why.  Now we know.  Check out this article.

I hope you have been enjoying this weather and are looking forward to the big game!  I know I am.  Clearly I am cheering for Mr. Manning.  And I will be glad to get ‘my’ city back when everyone goes back to the east coast Monday!


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