Happiest of new years!

Well I know Chase won’t share this with the world, but I will because it makes the name of this blog complete – Chase got a job!  We are two working lawyers!  We are beyond excited about it and give 100% of the credit to God.

For those who do not know, this is an incredibly difficult market for lawyers/law school graduates.  We both know that many of our classmates still do not have jobs.  These are talented and smart people who have been looking hard and interviewing, only to have no luck.  I can sincerely say that we continue to think about those classmates and pray for them and ask that you do the same.  Lawyers have the kinds of personalities that make them want to work, so being unemployed is seriously a hit on the ego.  Not to mention, the pocketbook!  We are talking about people who on average graduate with $120,000 in school debt, so financially, times are tough!

So how did it happen?  In December, the job prospects started heating up a bit and Chase had been volunteering at the Neighborhood Christian Legal Clinic for some time.  A volunteer there let him know the clinic had received a new grant and would be hiring an attorney.  Fast forward a couple weeks and Chase was interviewing.  We thought we would hear back by Christmas but ultimately found out at the beginning of January that he had received the position.

Talk about a great start to a new year!  We prayed so hard for this to happen.  I think we have both learned a lot about God’s plan for us, His promise to provide for us, and how to pray.  We didn’t pray that Chase would get the job.  We prayed that God would lead him to the right job.  All this to say that knowing that God picked this job for Chase makes getting it all the sweeter!

So we are officially a two-paycheck household!  And we couldn’t be happier about it!  Can you tell? 🙂


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