Our First Merry, Married Christmas

It has been quite some time since our last post.  I will blame it on the holidays.  Or maybe all the holiday food I ate that has slowed me down to a crawl and made my pants tight.  The good news?  I think we are finally emerging from the food coma and are ready to start blogging again.

So let’s begin with a recap of our Christmas.  It was quite the whirlwind!  Chase and I exchanged presents in a very undramatic fashion – no wrapping paper or surprises this year.  I got an amazing new camera which I love and another great lens.  Chase got a less glamorous gift but one he had been lusting after for quite some time.  He had been asking for a composter and finally got this little beauty/somewhat smelly contraption.

Needless to say, we are both incredibly blessed and are loving our gifts.  I would just note that at least mine packs away nicely whereas Chase’s gift has led to storing expiring food in Tupperware containers in our refrigerator until the composter is ready to devour more garbage.  At least it makes him super-happy!

The best part of Christmas for us is definitely not the exchanging of gifts.  It’s spending time with our family, decorating cookies with our nieces and nephews, and remembering why we celebrate in the first place.  Here are a few favorites of our littlest family members.


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