Christmas Photo Journal

We had so many pictures and great moments this Christmas.  I thought the easiest way to recap them all would be a photo journal. I apologize for some of what is about to follow but it’s the truth about who we are…or at least Chase.

Chase loves weird things.  This year, I hit up an antique/consignment type shop in Huntingburg, IN to look for something that would satisfy his craving for a new bizarre little something.  What did I find?  An Irish whiskey bottle shaped like an Irish soldier.  Why is this great to Chase?  Because it is Irish – he studied in Ireland and has therefore adopted the country as his own.  Because it is a soldier – he loves history and soldiers (this is an actual replica of a soldier at some point in Ireland’s history) and used to tell his friends that soldiers from some war were buried in the woods behind his house.  Maybe he still believes that….  And because it is used to hold whiskey.  What more can I say?  He LOVED it.  Now if only we could find the right spot for it that is not in our bedroom.

Our family is the greatest!  They are smart, funny, supportive, and strange, all at the same time.  But to be honest, we love them the most when they are being weird like us.

Chase also loves my Christmas present and started testing his photography skills.  He has a very odd ‘eye’ for objects.  There were a lot of pictures like the ones below.


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