Come and Knock on Our Door – Part Two

This fall I made a gold wreath for our door out of magnolia leaves, wheat, and feathers.  You may recall that I almost trashed the whole project before finally figuring out how to make it work.  Well I decided to try my hand at a winter wreath as well, although this time making it much easier.  In the interest of full disclosure, I found the idea on Pinterest – I am not actually that creative on my own.

The wreath is made of nothing more than a wreath form and acorns.  The problem was finding the acorns because deer, cattle, and squirrels had evidently eaten all the acorns at my Dad’s (I told you, that seems to be the place I get the bulk of my project supplies these days).  Then at Chase’s parents, the acorns were already sprouting into trees.  That is until his dad found a black oak that had great, uh, nuts….  We got busy collecting and finished when we had filled this five gallon bucket.

Next came the baking.  Sound strange?  Well this is probably the most crucial step.  Failure to bake your nuts leads to maggot infested homes.  Seriously.  Little worms and critters find their way into the acorns and will come out once it is warmer if you do not kill them first.  My mom actually learned this lesson the hard way as a little girl.  So I baked the acorns one roasting pan at a time for 20 minutes on 350.

Then I sent Chase to the craft store for a wreath form.  The example I had seen was made on a straw form but I think foam would work as well.  He found me an 18″ straw form and I was in business.  I began hot glueing those little guys on the wreath in a sort of diagonal pattern.  I didn’t not glue any on the back because that will be against the door, it would require more time, and frankly, I didn’t think the glue would be strong enough to hold the acorns on when the wind picks up and bangs the wreath around a bit.

Once the entire wreath was covered, I took to the old garage for some spray painting.  I had seen the wreath sprayed in several different colors in pictures but I wanted to do white because then I could just change the color of the bow depending on the holiday and I wouldn’t have to make any more wreaths.  However, if you want a great fall wreath, paint your wreath form brown and just glue on the acorns and don’t paint.  It looks so awesome!

Anyway, once the wreath was thoroughly sprayed, I got out some ribbon and tied it up!

To hang the wreath, we have a magnetic wreath hanger and moved that to the inside of the door and flipped it upside down.  We then brought the ribbon coming off the wreath over the top of the door and tied it onto the wreath hanger.  Not sure how I feel about the plain bow but it works for now!

What do you think?  Did you ever have maggots in your house because you thought it would be fun to collect acorns?  Does anyway know why my dog loves to eat the dropped acorns so much?  Any ideas on EASY wreaths to make for the spring?


3 thoughts on “Come and Knock on Our Door – Part Two

  1. It’s lovely! And Pinterest is the place to go for great wreath ideas (I have a board just for wreaths!).
    p.s. I can’t believe you got Chase to go to the craft store to buy the wreath! Ed would NOT have been so accomodating!

    • Thanks, Denise! Chase is great about it. I think he wishes the stores were closer so it wasn’t so inconvenient, but he really knows his way around. We went the other night and he had to lead me around the different departments!

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