Let it snow! Or glitter!

So today is the second time we have received a little snow this winter (although I think we are still technically in fall.  Where did you go by the way?).  I decided I would post on my recent attempt to create a snow-like effect in our home for the holidays.  Remember, we just moved in a few months ago and are on a tight budget, so decorating items have to be inexpensive.  The best way to get inexpensive in my book is to DIY!

I have admittedly been lusting over some sparkly white branches in the stores to put in vases around the house to make it look like I brought in snow-covered tree branches.  However, take a look at those prices sometime!  You can pay $30 for five branches at some stores.  I decided I could do this myself; on our Thanksgiving visit home, I had my dad cut some different branches off the trees around the woods for me.  Note: Do you see the theme that I get my craft projects started at my dad’s?  Thanks, Pops!  The pile was pretty hefty and looked a little something like this.

I should also mention that once again my husband asked why I would want these and doubted my crafting abilities.  Of course, now he says the branches look awesome.  Love to say it: I.Told.You.So.

After breaking off the lower branch sprouts (so it would go in a vase nicely), I just used some spray paint we already had and made those babies white.  Admittedly, I am not a good spray painter.  I tend to use it in the garage, with the door closed because for some reason, it is always wet, cold, and raining outside when I want to do a project.  I also find it impossible to spray 12-15 inches away from the object.  And just forget it when it comes to light, even coats.  I promise to try to do better at all of these things though!  Honest!  Anyway, I figured out that the paint doesn’t need to be perfectly covering the branches.  In fact, it kind of looks better to have a little faint brown-wood show through – makes it look more natural I think, even though we don’t have trees around our house with white bark…. Nevertheless, here’s how one branch looked after painting.

Then came the sparkle!  I tried sprinkling glitter over the branches while the paint was still wet.  Total fail.  It just made the glitter white and not at all sparkly.  Thus, I sent my dear husband to the craft store to return some bows and buy me glitter glue.  It can be found in the spray paint aisle and is called glitter glue.  The stores also carry glitter spray paint.  I will tell you why I didn’t go that route.  First, I wanted the glitter to be bigger and more dimensional, not just a sparkly sort of paint.  Second, I didn’t know if the paint would cover the wood very well and definitely wanted the branches to be white.  Third, it was expensive paint.  An enormous bottle of white glitter was way cheaper!

So I sprayed the branches with the glitter glue spray and then just sprinkled glitter over it.  It was beautiful!  Super cheap way to add a little holiday touch I think!  The pictures don’t do them justice but they really look great!

Do you have any DIY holiday projects?  Does your significant other always doubt your project ideas but ultimately fall in love?  Speaking of sparkle, have you checked out this fabulous fashion blog all about Sparkle and Fashion written by my best friend – DesperatelySeekingSparkle?  Do it!  You won’t be sorry!


2 thoughts on “Let it snow! Or glitter!

    • Anytime! I promise they are way prettier in person! And they couldn’t be any easier. You should make some! If we had trees of our own to cut branches off of, this would have been done a long time ago!

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