Tooth Fairy for Dogs?

We figured it was about time to update you on our baby, Miss Maggie!  She is getting so big and can barely be carried around anymore.

She has experienced several car rides home to visit our families.  She isn’t great in the car just yet, but she has come a long way from her earlier days of trying to lay down behind the pedals.  Once she finds herself a comfy good enough spot, she usually calms down and sleeps.  Here she is with her head between the seat and door and another propped up on the seat.

She loves trips home.  We don’t have a lot of trees in our yard so we don’t get leaves and sticks really.  However, all of our parents have an abundance of trees, leaves, sticks, and dirt for her to go crazy.  She has discovered an absolute love for acorns (do those make dogs sick?) and the neighbor’s horse that is her new bff!  The sound of her running through piles of leaves gets her super excited and she has found that she loves the taste of dirt (and as of this weekend, I’m sorry to admit, she also seems to like her own poop.  We are so ashamed.).

MagPie, as Chase calls her, is also losing her teeth.  How did I completely miss the fact that dogs lose their teeth before now?  Once one tooth is loose, another three usually follow.  We can usually help her lose them by playing tug or some other obnoxious game, but sometimes, we can’t wait and Chase pulls her teeth out.  Please don’t call PETA!  The teeth he pulls are super lose and hanging there.  Plus, it gets so old to have to play tug all the time.  If you pull the tooth, she leaves you alone!  I assure you we will do the same thing when we have kids.  Please don’t call CPS when the time comes either.  It is so funny to see her without teeth, especially when she only had her two front teeth! 

Chase and Maggie have also started playing with a laser pointer.  Don’t get me wrong here.  Maggie is so smart.  But when she plays with the laser, she looks so dumb! See Exhibit A.

We will continue to update you on Maggie’s training, which currently stinks because she is biting and jumping like crazy.  Her dog trainer is coming over for the first session this Friday and we will see how she does.  Chase tells Maggie her therapist is coming.  I think this lady is actually a therapist for us.  Anyway, we are busy trying to teach Maggie how to behave so we don’t look like fools when the dog trainer comes.  I think Maggie is just getting fat from all the training treats and not really learning anything.  We will find out soon enough!

Does your dog eat its poop sometimes?  Are we bad parents?  Is there a dog tooth fairy or was I supposed to put treats or money under Maggie’s bed?  How can dogs be so smart but not figure out the laser on the floor is coming from the shining red object in their owners’ hands?


2 thoughts on “Tooth Fairy for Dogs?

  1. Well I hate to break it to you but dogs eating poop is not so bad.
    Try seeing how you explain to your childless friends who have been
    invited to your house for dinner and your twin daughters shared
    their poop during naptime! It was so bad we had to walk thru the living room with them in front of our guests to strip them in the tub and hose them down. Interestingly enough those friends never
    did have kids. Somehow I feel partially responsible for this.

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