Yes, I realize I just posted about my dog.  But today Maggie went to Hollywood Dogs because we want to make her a star!  No, not really.  We aren’t those parents that are convinced our kid has ridiculous talents and is going to be famous when the kid is really just normal.  We took her there because clipping her nails is a nightmare!  You’d think we were actually killing her.  We try the calm approach: don’t let her see the clipper, pet her and talk sweet, slowly go for the foot, and clip.  No matter what, it really goes like this: once you grab a nail, she starts wiggling like a maniac!  Seriously, the two of us cannot handle her.  We have even tried clipping them in her sleep.  She always wakes up by number 3.  Thus, Hollywood Dogs.  Plus, she smelled terrible from running around at our parents’ this weekend and eating dirt.

While this is probably not amusing to any of you, the following was to me.  This is Maggie post-Hollywood Dog.

haha!  This had me dying.  First, our dog rarely sits still unless she is asleep.  To get a picture of her like this is nothing short of a miracle.  Second, that bow is too much!  If you knew Maggie, she isn’t a bow kind of dog.  To see her like this makes me feel bad – like I sent her away to become someone she isn’t or something.  I feel like she is trying to look French?  Just me?  Anyway, third, her junk is all over the floor behind her.  We have a bed, the foam pad that goes in her bed, a green treat dispensing puzzle toy, a green squeaky football, and a used-to-be squeaky monkey toy that has since been torn to shreds and lost all of its stuffing.  Who are we kidding – she owns the house and we are just her servants.

P.S. Hollywood Dogs evidently does some sort of de-shedding treatment that is supposed to reduce your dog’s shedding by like 90% or something.  It takes about three hours.  Sounds awesome to us!  Unfortunately, Maggie doesn’t qualify.  Not sure what that’s about.  Maybe she is too young?  doesn’t have a winter coat to shed?  isn’t patient enough?  Probably the last one…


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