Come and Knock on Our Door

Being first time homeowners, we don’t have all the fancy home exterior holiday decorations.  So I hopped over to Pinterest for some ideas a few weeks ago to make a wreath to “autumnize” our front door.  I came across a golden feather wreath from Martha Stewart in the DIY section of the website and fell in love.  After sending my husband to a million craft stores for decorations (thank you, Chase), I got started.

To make the wreath, you will need the following supplies:

Floral spray in brilliant gold White feathers
Magnolia leaves
24-gauge gold wire
Gardening shears
Wheat stems
22-inch wire wreath form
Hot-glue gun

I also learned the hard painful way that it is handy to have a needle nose pliers as well.  I will explain below.  So I started by removing the mangolia leaves from their “branches” and then spread them out on newspaper in our garage to be spray painted.  I recommend, as do spray paint manufacturers, that you spray in a well ventilated area, moreso than a garage.  However, it was windy, and I was impatient, so I went with the garage route and cracked the door while taking lots of breaks in the house for oxygen.  Only one side of the leaves need to be sprayed since you don’t see the back side and they were kind of golden brown to begin with.  So I just started spraying the fronts of the leaves, and the feathers as well, with a light coating and then came back to do more several more times.

After letting the leaves dry, I used the wire to secure three leaves together in a bundle.  Then repeat that step until all the leaves are secured.  I then did the same thing with the wheat, except I bundled them in groups of five according to the directions.  Eventually, I had to cut nearly a foot off of the bottoms of the wheat, so it is better to cut the wheat down first and then tie together with wire.

Once everything is bundled, the fun work really begins.  You have to secure a bundle of leaves to the wreath frame with wire.  This may sound easy, but it isn’t.  I recommend using a small amount of wire and then the needle nose to twist the wire until the wire is tight.  Take it from me, it is hard to get the wire tight just using your fingertips, and until you are done, your fingertips will practically be bleeding.  Once a bundle of leaves is secure, lay a bundle of wheat over the bottoms of the leaves and secure it to the wire frame.  Continue to repeat this overlapping process until you have gone all the way around the frame.  When done, you will have to repeat the entire process a few more times on the other rings of the wreath frame.  The whole thing gets harder to do the more you get secured.  Once everything is tightly secured and your wreath is full, evenly space the feathers and hot glue them around in the wreath.

Then hang and enjoy!  We absolutely love how the wreath turned out!  It doens’t look just like the picture but it really feels like it adds something to the house and makes us fit in the neighborhood (like we care about those sorts of things!).  My final recommendation is that you glue some sort of rubber or felt to the back of the frame to prevent any stray wires from scratching your door.  Obviously, I learned that lesson the hard way as well.  So come and knock on our door!  This wreath won’t be around much longer this season (read: I am working on my next wreath for winter as you read!).


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