Officially Two Lawyers

On October 14, Chase was sworn into the Indiana Bar, and we officially became the two lawyers under one roof!  To most people, it would seem that swearing-in day would be quite a big deal.  I will let Chase speak for himself, but in my experience, it is pretty anti-climactic.  I mean, you go to school for four years.  Graduation isn’t that exciting because you know you have another three years that are going to be a million times more difficult than the last four.  Exciting right?  Then you graduate law school.  Now that is pretty exciting but you know the worst is still ahead….the dreaded bar exam.  Once you survive the two miserable days of testing, you spend the next two months living in fear thinking you probably failed.  Get the picture?  By the time you get sworn in, you are over it.

So Chase’s “big day” was as expected.  Lots of proud parents and family members, black suits, and boring speeches.  So why write about it you ask?  Because there was one really shining moment in the day that, with Chase’s permission and his mom’s encouragement, I MUST share.

Chase had a pretty significant zit on his forehead.  I was at work and he was home getting all professionalized for the swearing-in.  I suppose he thought the zit took something away from the look he was trying to achieve so he decided to use my makeup to cover up his blemish.  However, Chase is not proficient in the art of makeup.  This was pretty obvious when I saw him and thought to myself, “Why is his zit kind of shimmery and pink?”

After the swearing-in, Chase tells us he tried to cover it with makeup.  I ask what makeup he used and he tells me my brushes.  Now I am really confused.  What brushes?  The little fluffy one he says.  Suddenly, everything makes sense.  Chase has used my eyeshadow brush to try to cover a zit.  Now for you gentlemen out there who may not know, eyeshadow is not a tool to cover imperfections in your skin.  For that, grab your wife’s foundation, concealer, or powder, but definitely not eyeshadow or blush.

That morning, I had put some MAC Expensive Pink and Dazzlelight eyeshadow on.  As such, Chase’s zit was a very pretty shimmery pink.  This picture doesn’t do it justice, but the moment was so great.

To Chase’s credit, aside from the zit, he was very handsome and looked like a pretty hot lawyer to me.  Congratulations, Chase!  We are so proud of you, even despite the makeup fiasco!


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