Super Bowl Hysteria

Peyton Manning may be out for a while, or the whole season [*sigh*], but that hasn’t stopped this amazing city we now call home from getting pumped about the Super Bowl being hosted at Lucas Oil Stadium (and that place is amazing!)! 

Thousands of people, literally over 13,000, have volunteered to help with the big game and all the events surrounding it.  I’m not talking about awesome jobs such as escorting athletes to the locker room, monitoring the sidelines, etc.  I’m talking about jobs that are not necessarily glamorous or fun: people are going to the airport to greet visitors, standing on street corners to give people directions (winter in Indiana is not the greatest mind you), picking up trash, etc.  Now tell me that isn’t love for a great city?  And a lot of pride?

While at first slightly hesitant to move to Indy, Chase and I have since fallen in love with this city.  The people are great, the city is beautiful, and there is so much to do!  So while the Colts may be a bit lot of a disappointment this year, Indy, and its great residents are not!

Are you pumped for the game yet?  Who’s going to make it to the Super Bowl?  Is Peyton going to come back at some point this season?  Will Colts fans “Kerry” on? Should we have a party at our new house?  Should we invite you?


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