A Sports Bra for My Puppy

I’m picking up our puppy today, so please help me understand this.  They apparently make sports bras for puppies.  I’m not kidding, just look at this picture.  It is a full on sports bra made for dogs.  Now I’m wondering “ok, well is she even old enough to start wearing a bra,” “should Meaghan have ‘the talk’ with her about her changing body?” Once I’m done pondering those questions, then I wonder if I should get black or pink, or if it would be more comfortable for her to pick it out herself on a special trip to the store with Meaghan.  I won’t even begin to guess her size.

Any doggy parenting advice would be greatly appreciated.  I know that this is a sensitive subject.


3 thoughts on “A Sports Bra for My Puppy

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