These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

Since getting the house, I have come across several products I absolutely love and wanted to share them with you!  I love them so much, I would really rather do the chore/task for which they are used myself, without Chase’s help, because I don’t want him to maybe break it or do it wrong.  Stay tuned to see my other favorite things.

I start the list today with our hardwood floor cleaner.  Why this product?  Because first thing this morning, Chase sweetly was trying to help, got out the cleaner, and used the wrong part to sweep the floor.  Did he know I would flip out for no good reason?  No.  Did I flip out?  Embarrassingly, yes.  But again, I LOVE this product….so I really just wanted to do it myself.

I’m talking about Bona’s Ultimate Hardwood Floor Cleaner.  We heard about it from the sellers of our house and my sister-in-law and her husband and picked one up at Bed Bath & Beyond.  The kit we got has a metal handled mop with a swivel head, a sweeping pad, cleaning pad, polishing pad, floor cleaner and a refill, and polish.

So first, you put the sweeping pad on and sweep up all the dirt on your floors.  Here is the pile of dirt I swept up with the pad after Chase swept with the cleaning pad (this does not include the pile of dead ants behind the trashcan that Chase murdered a few weeks ago when we had a bit of an ant problem and I found this morning!).

Then you spray the cleaner on the floor and wipe it up with the cleaning pad.  I recommend you start in a corner you don’t need to go back to for awhile and basically just work your way out of the room so you don’t get footprints on your newly cleaned floor.  Here you can see the difference from the uncleaned floor and the newly cleaned floor.

Once the floor has dried, you can apply polish.  You get the polishing pad slightly damp and then squeeze polish on the floor and spread it around with the mop.  The directions tell you to make sure you polish in the same direction as the grain.  This is a pretty easy process but make sure you don’t go back over any part you have already polished because it starts to pull up the old polish and it looks gross like you are peeling off dead skin from a sunburn.  Gross right?  Then you let it dry for an hour before walking on it – this assumes you can keep your husband out of the kitchen for an hour (after mowing the grass, he is currently “dying” and “needs” a glass of chocolate milk)!

Anyway, the floors look amazing after this whole process.  We try to sweep and clean about once every week or so and polish once a month maybe.  For $60.00, this product is great!  After using for over a month now, we still have a lot of cleaner left in the first container, haven’t touched the refill, and have lots of polish.

Have you tried Bona?  Do you have other tips/suggestions/secrets for cleaning hardwoods?  Does your husband try to help you with chores you would just rather he not?  Have you ever forgotten a pile of dead insects in your kitchen?


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