We Do!

So to give those of you who don’t know us a little background (and because I love remembering the day!), I thought I would share a little about our wedding day, May 13, 2011.  We got married at the Mavris which is a cool building that used to be a distribution warehouse on the East side of Indianapolis.

We had the most amazing wedding party which made for pictures we love!  Note: my husband’s “quirky” sense of humor definitely shows in these – and his love for knights….

 Before the ceremony, we had a “special moment” as our photographer called it. Basically, we saw eachother for the first time before the ceremony and without anyone else around.  For anyone who isn’t married, I cannot recommend this enough.  The day is so filled with nerves and it really helps take the pressure off.  Not to mention, it allows you to take pictures before the ceremony which makes for a way better experience for your guests who don’t have to sit around for hours between the ceremony and the reception.  This was especially important to us since we didn’t get married until 6:30 pm.  Guests were I was going to be hungry!

Our ceremony was officiated by Chase’s godfather, Greg, and was so beautiful and personal.  The only less-than-beautiful part was the fact that after holding back tears walking (almost tripping) down the aisle, my nose began running more than it ever before.  Not really what you want as you walk in front of your entire family and friends…not to mention your groom…  Oh well!

The ceremony was immediately followed by our reception which was on a lower level of the Mavris.  It was perfect – as it should be considering I may have had a break down the week before about not getting parrot tulips (thank goodness for our amazing florist, Paul Wehr of Combined Talents, for flying them in from Holland!) and may have brought our cake baker out of retirement to make the cake (it was awesome – carrot cake and poppyseed cake, both with the best cream cheese icing!).  On the cake table, I was surprised to find one of my grandmother’s pots with a note that said, “Every pot has a lid.”  My grandmother passed away in November and had told me when I met Chase that I had found the lid to my pot.

A post about our wedding would not be complete without a mention of our photographer, Pete Nagy http://peterjonathanimages.com/, who took amazing photos and was SO great and easy to work with.  (He was also a MTV Made coach! http://www.mtv.com/videos/made-season-11-ep-25-ladies-man/1656311/playlist.jhtml)  Here are some of our favorite pictures!

*Seriously, he is so gorgeous!


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