Puppy Love

Meaghan and I are really looking forward to adopting a new Labrador/Shar Pei/German Shepard mix.  She is a beautiful puppy.  Don’t believe me?  Check this out:

Not enough for you?  How about this:

Bam!  Now tell me you don’t want that thing snuggling all up in your face?  She seems really sweet and we can’t wait to adopt her.  I will update some pics later this month on our adoption day.  I will also thread some posts on her training as I’m sure it won’t be long before she is defecating in circles around me.  We are going to get her from the Indianapolis Southside Animal Shelter.  Check them out.  The people there have been awesome and were very helpful to us.

The idea of having a puppy always seems wonderful, but they are a lot of work.  Go figure we actually thought about adopting one of her sisters as well.  I think we were smart to stick with one for now.  I will tell you that I am really looking forward to taking her on walks, training her, and just having the companionship of a dog again.  Meaghan and I both loved our black Labrador Retrievers growing up, so we are really looking forward to the challenge.  I do imagine; however, that when her anal glands need a squeeze, Meaghan will conveniently lend that job to me.

Look forward to my ideas about how to train your dog, save big money on pet expenses, and, at times, miserably fail at being a good parent.  I’m already stocking up on Cesar Milan supplies.  I will be the pack leader.  This responsibility requires that I lead by example.  Which is why, unbeknownst to Meaghan, I have already begun potty training on mats near the back patio.  I’m also getting better about digging holes in the garden, but lets not get crazy.  One thing at at time.


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